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    A REVIEW OF SOOLE, A NETFLIX MOVIE cultureafrica reviews netflix series and movies dealing with african or african-american content. Documentaries, Feature Films and Music Events. We have a look on it. Lorna Likiza watched the Nigerian production “Soole”. You can find the film still on Netflix. FÜR DIE DEUTSCHE VERSION NACH UNTEN SCROLLEN By Lorna Likiza When was the last time you watched a movie and laughed your head off? Such was the case for me when I finally watched Soole, a 2021 Nigerian film production by Adunni Ade and directed by Kayode Kasum. You see, I had long given up on Nollywood with its repetitive and overdramatic style of films until Netflix came along and Nigerian movies became…

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    The Woman King – Successfull Hollywood Drama about Dahomey Female Warriors

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    The Woman King is preparing to inherit the successful film The Black Panther. It has already grossed more than 50 million dollars at the cinemas. And yet the film has only just started. While in Black Panther it was the Wakanda, this time the "real" warrior women of the Agojie are the background for this film.  Again it is a cast of American and African actors and actresses. This time, however, in an originally African story that borrows heavily from historical events in 19th century West Africa. In the kingdom of Dahomey at that time, the warrior women of the Agojie, protected by the royal family, brought about a groundbreaking system change in the perception and emancipation of women.…