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    I ve got the power! Interview with musician Melane ger/engl

    MELANE Pona Libela Copyright Melane Nkounkolo

    On the first of April her next single "Pona Libela" will be released, the video one day later on Youtube: We are talking about Melane Nkounkolo better known as Melane. She is the power woman and jack-of-all-trades, musically elusive. Definitely influenced by her parents' homeland, which is the Republic of Congo in western Central Africa. Melane stands for many directions in modern pop music, but the traditions are still easy to hear. But Melane stands for much more: music production!blogging!African studies!empowerment!

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    Barefoot in Germany – Interview with/mit Rwandan/German author Tete Loeper engl/ger

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    At the end of 2020, cultureafrica reported on the book Barefoot in Germany, which was published in English. It is written by the Rwandan-German author Tete Loeper. Tete Loeper herself grew up in Rwanda in the 1990s, spending time in Burundi and Congo during the genocide. In Rwanda, she worked in projects with girls at risk and also gathered information there for her later book. Barefoot in Germany is about the (fictional) life of the young Mutoni from Rwanda. Her dramatic life, which begins in the red-light district of Hamburg, soon turns to the southern German province of a small town. There she is met not only by helpfulness but also by a world of prejudice, complacency and ignorance.…

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    Softie – Kenya’s Political Documentary Sensation – Interview with Sam Soko and Njeri Mwangi


    Boniface “Softie” Mwangi has long fought injustices in his country as a political activist. Now he’s running for office in a regional Kenyan election. Softie follows Boniface from the moment Boniface decides to run, telling his wife, Njeri, in passing with a hesitant laugh, he responds to each challenge with optimism. But running a clean campaign against corrupt opponents becomes increasingly harder to combat with idealism alone. And Boniface soon finds that challenging strong political dynasties is putting his family at risk. Should country really come before family, as he’s always believed?

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    Learning Feminism from Ruanda – Flinn Works Berlin Interview – ger/engl

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    Vor einem Jahr berichtete ich über das Theaterprojekt Learning Feminism from Ruanda von Flinn Works. Die gepante Tournee im Spätherbst 2020 und Anfang 2021 fiel den Corona Restriktionen zum Opfer. Theater wurden geschlossen. Doch das spektakuläre Stück is back. Mit zunächst Aufführungen in Freiburg und Hannover. It's a year ago, I made the article about the theater performance from the German Ruandan project 'learning feminism from ruanda'. Covid stopped the Performances. But now they are back.

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    Fußballer Anthony Baffoe aus Ghana: „My punctuality is typically German about me“ ger/engl

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    Anthony Baffoe was the third African player ever to play in the German 1st Soccer League. After an international career, he is now committed to the further development of soccer in Ghana. In addition to his punctuality, he has also taken with him from Germany the will to never give up. Anthony Baffoe was born in 1965 to Ghanaian parents in the Bad-Godesberg district of Bonn. The diplomat's son began playing club soccer at 1. FC Ringsdorff-Godesberg on the Mehlem sports field. In 1983, at the age of 18, Baffoe played for the first time for 1. FC Köln and became the third African player ever to play in the 1st Bundesliga.

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    A Male As A Female: The Evolution Of African Comedy – Part 1 engl/ger


    A Male As A Female: The Evolution Of African Comedy. At a time when Kenyans were dealing with a Presidency that had lasted close to two decades, it was with a mix of uncertainty and genuine interest when the Redykyulass trio came into the scene sometime in the late 90s. Made up of Walter Mong’are AKA Nyambane, Tony Njuguna and John Kiarie, the trio performed skits while impersonating the President and other key figures in government for entertainment.

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    Afropean und Kongo – Johnny Pitts and David van Reybrouck – Brothers in Soul – ger/engl

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    Am 26. Mai bekommt Johny Pitts für sein Werk "Afropean" den "Leipziger Buchpreis zur Europäischen Verständigung". Zurecht. Es ist ein großartiges Werk, das ich hier beleuchten möchte. Damit es nicht so einsam um dieses Buch wird, habe ich noch einen Gast eingeladen, der auf den ersten Blick nichts mit "Afropean" gemein hat: "Kongo" des Belgiers David van Reybrouck. "Afropean" erschien letztes Jahr auf Deutsch und ist ein erfolgreiches Buch geworden. Immerhin das hat "Kongo. Eine Geschichte" vor zehn Jahren auch geschafft: ein sehr erfolgreiches Geschichtsbuch über ein afrikanisches Land, das vom Feulleiton als "Meilenstein der Geschichtsscheibung", der Spiegel gar als "Jahrhundertbuch" gefeiert wurde und in der vierten Auflage verkauft wird. Afropean ist kein Geschichtsbuch, Johnny Pitts ist Essayist, kein…

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    Travelling While Black – Nanjala Nyabola’s Book as an Insta Live Discussion engl/ger


    To add salt to injury, the discussion of the termini for African travelers being on the furthest end in airports and the stark difference in business classes in airplanes flying to Africa when compared to those whose destinations are overseas was equally raised on this IG Live. The last chapter in Nyabola’s book which Arunga pointed out is titled Small Acts Of Resistance. The chapter actually challenges the reader to consider what they can do in their own small capacities to solve some issues such as pollution and exploitation among others.

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    Avec Cameroun und mit Power aus Berlin: Initiative Perspektivwechsel – ger/french

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    Sie lassen Comics für die Bildungsarbeit produzieren, konzipieren Ausstellungen für Schulen, entwickeln Projekte für Deutschland und Kamerun. Die Initiative Perspektivwechsel e.V. aus Berlin ist getragen von Menschen aus Kamerun und Deutschland. Was beide Kulturen auch verbindet, ist eine gemeinsame Vergangenheit. ===Faites défiler vers le bas pour la version française. Eine Vergangenheit, die vielen Menschen in Deutschland, gerade auch jungen Menschen nicht klar ist. Denn die koloniale Vergangenheit Deutschlands liegt schon über hundert Jahre zurück. Und doch liegen gerade in dieser Kolonialgeschichte viele Ursachen für Ungerechtigkeiten bis heute begründet. Aber auch dem Vorurteil entgegenwirken, die Menschen in Kamerun wären immer nur Opfer, ist Teil der Arbeit. Aufklärung und Interesse wecken: Junge Menschen für Themen begeistern, zu „empowern“, komplexe Zusammenhänge sichtbar…