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    Is there Anybody Out There? Nairobi Space Station – Kairos Futura Artist Project Starts this March_deutsch/englisch


    They look like the futuristic Space Guerilla. From 18 March, they will make Kanairo unsafe. That is the Sheng name for Kenya's capital Nairobi. The venerable MacMillian Library in the centre will kick off the launch. It becomes a space station. They have camels with them with Massai blankets. The olive overalls are well tailored, the steel masks make them look martial. With this project, the Kairos Futura artists' group puts a big exclamation mark on Nairobi's Design Week. But it is not only about spectacle. The artists' collective, consisting of artists, designers, scientists and environmentalists, wants more: visions and proposals for an environmentally friendly Nairobi. It is about reclaiming urban space, about the "rewilding" of inner-city areas. They…

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    Culture Forecast September October 2022

    Nyege Nyege 2022

    In this section, I display upcoming events of culture events in Europe dealing with african topics and art events in african countries. If you have information about events, please send to hans_cultureafrica@yahoo.com. A lot, a lot. So much events! We start in Uganda, where the exciting Nyege Nyege Festival will happen from September 15 to 18 nearby spectacular Itanda Falls. This international electronic music highlight in East africa is highlighted by DJ Kampire. We hope, that no one has the idea to jump into the water(fall). If you google Itanda, you know why. In Nairobi, the Macondo Literary Festival is preparing to open its gates at Kenya National Theater. The last time it happened, was 2019. This year it…

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    The Sound and the City: Nairobi in a multimedia exhibition by art project Norient engl/ger


    It’s colourful, it’s wacky, virtuosic and mega interesting, its the sound and the city: Norient’s art project has attempted to explore an entire city under the aspect of sound. The result is an exciting audiovisual inventory of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. They call it an audio-visual gallery. A gallery for contemporary music, quality journalism, research, project work and also events. FOR GERMAN VERSION PLEASE SCROLL DOWN by hans hofele Nairobi is the first city and the start of a planned series of audio-visual explorations of global cities. In times when travelling to cities is either financially impossible or poorly possible due to restrictions from visas to Corona, Norient seeks to make these journeys possible virtually. For visitors from the West,…

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    SiHene: Preserving Ghana’s Cultural Heritage – Interview with Founder Rita Mawuena Benissan engl/ger

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    Si Hene, in her own words "serves to preserve the archives of the Chieftaincy and traditional culture of Ghana, bringing accessibility and awareness of our culture. We provide a deeper perspective and preserves the legacy of the individuals that once ruled from the 1800s to the modern day. We hope through this foundation to reclaim the power as Ghanaians and bring more accessibility to learn about our royal history!" Si.Hene is very sucessful on social media, shares many unseen photos and film clips and comments.

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    Raubkunst aus Afrika/Looted Art – Give them Back! ger/engl.

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    Wer weiß noch von den Forderungen aus den 60er Jahren, oder zur großen Kulturschau FESTAC 1977, als Nigeria die berühmte Ida Maske ausstellen wollte, die Ende 19. Jhd geraubt wurde? Savoy, die auch im Stiftungsrat des Humbodt Forums ausgestiegen ist, hat bisher nicht zugängliche Quellen und Archive gründlich erforscht. In vielen Dokumenten, die das Buch ausführlich dokumentiert ist auch eine strukturelle Arroganz, teilweise sogar Rassismus offenkundig, wenn sie auch eine unheilige Kontinuität zwischen NS-Bürokraten und späteren Museumsleitern berichtet. Über vier Jahrzehnte habe es die westlichen Museen erfolgreich verstanden, die Kunstschätze in ihren Museen zu behalten und alle Forderungen ab zu weheren. Dies ist in der Öffentlichkeit fast in Vergessenheit geraten. Dank Savoys Einsatz, auch in der Kommision von Frankreichs…