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    Fully Booked – The African Book Review by Venice Trommer- JJ Bola – The Selfless Act of Breathing – engl/ger

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    Fully Booked! New at cultureafrica.net: The regular African Book Reviews by Venice Trommer in cooperation with the InterKontinental Bookshop in Berlin and the AfricanBookFestival Berlin. This month: JJ Bola - The Selfless Act of Breathing. Fully Booked! Neu bei cultureafrica.net: die regelmäßigen Buchrezensionen von Venice Trommer in Zusammenarbeit mit der InterKontinental Buchhandlung in Berlin und dem AfricanBookFestival Berlin. Diesen Monat : JJ Bola - The Selfless Act of Breathing/Weiter Atmen.

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    A phantastic Mombasa journey: The House of Rust – Book Review by Lorna Likiza – engl/ger

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    A phantastic Mombasa journey: "The House of Rust is an enchanting novel about a Hadhrami girl in Mombasa. When her fisherman father goes missing, Aisha takes to the sea on a magical boat made of a skeleton to rescue him. She is guided by a talking scholar’s cat (and soon crows, goats, and other animals all have their say, too). On this journey Aisha meets three terrifying sea monsters." (Graywolf Press) Khadija Abdallah Bajaber's, THE HOUSE OF RUST, is proof of that the fantasy genre has a future in Kenyan literature.

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    Barefoot in Germany – Interview with/mit Rwandan/German author Tete Loeper engl/ger

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    At the end of 2020, cultureafrica reported on the book Barefoot in Germany, which was published in English. It is written by the Rwandan-German author Tete Loeper. Tete Loeper herself grew up in Rwanda in the 1990s, spending time in Burundi and Congo during the genocide. In Rwanda, she worked in projects with girls at risk and also gathered information there for her later book. Barefoot in Germany is about the (fictional) life of the young Mutoni from Rwanda. Her dramatic life, which begins in the red-light district of Hamburg, soon turns to the southern German province of a small town. There she is met not only by helpfulness but also by a world of prejudice, complacency and ignorance.…

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    Not only on Woman’s Day – African Must Read Literature by Shonatiger

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    IWD 2022: African women writers you absolutely must read (and others on my reading list) To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, here’s a non-exhaustive list of some excellent African women writers, and the books that put them on my list. If you click on the name, you will be taken to the author’s Wikipedia page, where available. Where I wrote a review on my blog, I have added the link below. Petina Gappah I’m in awe of Ms Gappah’s writing, which in my opinion is always excellent, with her distinct authorial voice. My post on Out of Darkness, Shining Light. Molara Wood                                                                                                                     I loved this collection. My post on Indigo. Yvonne Vera   Yvonne Vera is one…

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    Tsitsi Dangarembga and much more: Orlanda Verlag /Publishing House Berlin- Interview ger/engl

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    Orlanda Verlag. Das ist ein klingender Name in der Verlagswelt. Vom Namen her gibt es ihn seit 1974 und wurde als engagierter Frauenbuchverlag in Deutschland bekannt. Auch die afro-deutsche Schriftstellerin May Ayim hatte bei Orlanda ihr Zuhause. FOR ENGLISH VERSION PLEASE SCROLL DOWN Der Orlanda Verlag, wie er heute besteht, hat sich ab 2017 strukturell verändert. Personell, strukturell und inhaltlich ist er anders geworden. Erfolgreich obendrein: Die Autobiographie »Mist, die versteht mich ja« von Florence Brokowski-Shekete wurde zum Bestseller, Tstsi Dangarembga, deren deutsche Übersetzungen bei Orlanda erscheinen, wurde der Friedenspreis des Deutschen Buchhandels verliehen. Der Verlag hat außerdem den von der Kulturstaatsministerin verliehenen „Deutschen Verlagspreis 2021“ bekommen. Die Bücher spiegeln das Verlagsmotto „Frauen, Weltkultur, Bewegung“ wieder. Sachbücher über Afro-Deutsche…

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    Africa and the Frankfurt Book Fair 2021 – Part 1 – Roundup and Interviews

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    After the almost complete standstill in 2020, this year there was a cautious approach to earlier times. There was hardly any crowding, many halls were very airy with stands. The usual crowds, the sheer abundance of stands were not there this time. After more than 300,00 visitors in 2019, there were now 70,000, including 35,000 mtrade visitors. It was very noticeable among the international publishers, some of whom stayed away or were there with a smaller presence or joint stands. Cultureafrica also visited and looked around at the African publishers and the publishers with African authors.

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    We want to build Bridges – 1st Salon de Livre Africain in Paris – Interview in fr/engl/d

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    Le public était visiblement enthousiasmé par l'abondance de la littérature africaine, qui est rarement proposée sous cette forme. En conséquence, les visiteurs étaient impatients d'acheter. Beaucoup avaient des piles de livres sous le bras. L'absence de librairies appropriées, ou le fait que de nombreux livres ne sont pas exposés dans les magasins, est un défaut majeur de la littérature africaine et de ses éditeurs. Il existe également de grandes différences en Afrique.