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    I ve got the power! Interview with musician Melane ger/engl

    MELANE Pona Libela Copyright Melane Nkounkolo

    On the first of April her next single "Pona Libela" will be released, the video one day later on Youtube: We are talking about Melane Nkounkolo better known as Melane. She is the power woman and jack-of-all-trades, musically elusive. Definitely influenced by her parents' homeland, which is the Republic of Congo in western Central Africa. Melane stands for many directions in modern pop music, but the traditions are still easy to hear. But Melane stands for much more: music production!blogging!African studies!empowerment!

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    Nina Wateko -From Congo Brazzaville to the World_Interview_fr/engl/ger

    Nina wateko twitter

    Nina Wateko, the singer with the golden voice, is already a star in her home country. She is a welcome guest in the media, on television and radio. And she has already received titles in Brazzaville that other artists have to wait longer for. She is called the "Diva" or "Mama Africa". Her home is Congo-Brazzaville in western Central Africa. Neighbour of the big DR Congo. Nina comes from a family of musicians; her mother is also a singer, she grew up with music. With "The Traveler", her new EP and the whole range of her musical skills, she wants to enchant western listeners in Europe soon.