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    Centering Black Literature: An Interview with James Murua- engl/ger

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    In the run-up to the African Book Festival in Berlin, of which cultureafrica.net is a media partner, there will be a series of interviews with participants and experts in the African literary scene. This time it is James Murua. He is one of the most influential bloggers in the African literary scene. He has attended many literary festivals, both nationally and internationally. His website jamesmurua.com is one of the most successful on the continent. James Murua lives with his wife, the writer Zukiswa Wanner, in Nairobi, Kenya. The interview was conducted during the Heroe Book Fair literary festival in Mombasa.

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    Ally Abdallah: The Book, the Festival, Zanzibar and the Nobel Prize winner – Interview engl/ger

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    It is a great event, a great surprise that Ally Abdalla has managed to pull off. For the first literature festival in Zanzibar, Ally was able to attract no less than the current winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Abdulraznak Gurnah. For Gurnah, who is from Zanzibar but had to leave the island in the 1960s, it is a triumphant event to be back. At the Heroe Book Fair in Mombasa, I spoke with author, filmmaker and organizer of the new cultural event in Zanzibar, Ally Abdalla.

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    A phantastic Mombasa journey: The House of Rust – Book Review by Lorna Likiza – engl/ger

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    A phantastic Mombasa journey: "The House of Rust is an enchanting novel about a Hadhrami girl in Mombasa. When her fisherman father goes missing, Aisha takes to the sea on a magical boat made of a skeleton to rescue him. She is guided by a talking scholar’s cat (and soon crows, goats, and other animals all have their say, too). On this journey Aisha meets three terrifying sea monsters." (Graywolf Press) Khadija Abdallah Bajaber's, THE HOUSE OF RUST, is proof of that the fantasy genre has a future in Kenyan literature.

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    Travelling While Black – Nanjala Nyabola’s Book as an Insta Live Discussion engl/ger


    To add salt to injury, the discussion of the termini for African travelers being on the furthest end in airports and the stark difference in business classes in airplanes flying to Africa when compared to those whose destinations are overseas was equally raised on this IG Live. The last chapter in Nyabola’s book which Arunga pointed out is titled Small Acts Of Resistance. The chapter actually challenges the reader to consider what they can do in their own small capacities to solve some issues such as pollution and exploitation among others.

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    Heroe Book Fair 2021 in Mombasa – Ein Bericht – A Report

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    Vom 22.3. bis 26.3. 2021 fand in Mombasa, Kenia die zum ersten Mal die Heroe Book Fair 2021 statt. Cultureafrica.net war nicht nur Partner der Buchmesse, sondern auch vor Ort. Eine Bilanz. From 22.3. to26.3.2021 the heroe book fair took place for the first time in Mombasa, Kenya. Cultureafrica.net was not only partner of the book fair, but also on site. A balance. For english version please scroll down. Die Idee Es war eine Idee. Eine Buchmesse für Ostafrika. Entstanden im Norden Kenias, in Nakuru. Gründerin Lorna Likiza hatte die Flamingos vom Lake Nakuru im Sinn, als sie der Messe ihren Namen gab: Heroe Book Fair. Heroe ist das Swahili Wort für Flamingo. Und davon gibt es am lake…

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    Pettina Gappah: Aus der Dunkelheit Strahlendes Licht // Book review

    aus der dunkelheit

    Im Laufe der Reise wird deutlich, dass der verstorbene nicht nur als Heiliger durch den Dschungel getragen wird. Immer mehr wird auch seine Vergangenheit Teil der Fracht. So ließ Livingstone einen des Diebstahls Verdächtigen auspeitschen. Dafür wird sich dieser später rächen. Auch die unschönen Deals des Herrn Doktor Livingstone mit Sklavenhändlern kommen ans Tageslicht. Zur Bitternis für seinen Anhänger Wainwright. Er durchlebt im Buch eine wahrlich harte Prüfung. Ist er doch direkt von der Missionarsschule in die Dienste Livingstons gegangen. Der hat aber wenig Interesse an christlicher Missionierung.