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    Chronicling the Kenyan Music Industry – An Interview with John Muchiri by Lorna Likiza // english_deutsch

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    Kenya has massive talent. The only problem is that many musicians haven’t yet mastered how to market themselves internationally. From the people I have interacted with in the UK in the music scene, Kenya is considered a very prime market for entertainment but we need to get out of our comfort zone. We need to think beyond our comfort zone which is the East African Market. We need to be more strategic. We also need to invest heavily in our music. So to be precise, the three things we need to master are Management, Marketing and Strategy which our Nigerian counterparts have long mastered.

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    Music of East Africa 1: Lilian Mbabazi_New EP from the Ugandan Pop Star_engl//ger

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    In paying tribute to the hard but often overlooked work of East African artistes from the early 2000s in Dem Days, Lilian inevitably reminds us how long she has been in the industry and how much talent we have in the region. As a huge fan, I am looking forward to the music videos to these songs, hoping they are in the works, and possibly, a whole album from the artiste in the near future.

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    10 African Songs of the last Decade you should know_engl/ger

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    African secular music has always been evolving with new sounds and genres being birthed on a regular. However, it’s in the past decade (2010-2020) when African music has really come into one with lots of inter-country collaborations. Music is indeed powerful if it can get people dancing even though they do not even understand what is being sung. African music has successfully proven this over time. Nowadays, somebody in Ghana could as well be enjoying music from Uganda and vice versa. With music videos being released on YouTube and music streaming services readily available, the rest of the world too gets to discover African music.