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    Music of East Africa 1: Lilian Mbabazi_New EP from the Ugandan Pop Star_engl//ger

    lilian mbabazi ep

    In paying tribute to the hard but often overlooked work of East African artistes from the early 2000s in Dem Days, Lilian inevitably reminds us how long she has been in the industry and how much talent we have in the region. As a huge fan, I am looking forward to the music videos to these songs, hoping they are in the works, and possibly, a whole album from the artiste in the near future.

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    Barefoot in Germany – Interview with/mit Rwandan/German author Tete Loeper engl/ger

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    At the end of 2020, cultureafrica reported on the book Barefoot in Germany, which was published in English. It is written by the Rwandan-German author Tete Loeper. Tete Loeper herself grew up in Rwanda in the 1990s, spending time in Burundi and Congo during the genocide. In Rwanda, she worked in projects with girls at risk and also gathered information there for her later book. Barefoot in Germany is about the (fictional) life of the young Mutoni from Rwanda. Her dramatic life, which begins in the red-light district of Hamburg, soon turns to the southern German province of a small town. There she is met not only by helpfulness but also by a world of prejudice, complacency and ignorance.…

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    Learning Feminism from Ruanda – Flinn Works Berlin Interview – ger/engl

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    Vor einem Jahr berichtete ich über das Theaterprojekt Learning Feminism from Ruanda von Flinn Works. Die gepante Tournee im Spätherbst 2020 und Anfang 2021 fiel den Corona Restriktionen zum Opfer. Theater wurden geschlossen. Doch das spektakuläre Stück is back. Mit zunächst Aufführungen in Freiburg und Hannover. It's a year ago, I made the article about the theater performance from the German Ruandan project 'learning feminism from ruanda'. Covid stopped the Performances. But now they are back.