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    African Book Festival in Berlin – Three Days of Literature and Pleasure – deutsch-english

    Once again, the large number of visitors to the ABF, most of them young people, gives one hope that African literature can be very much alive. Whoever gets involved in this festival for three days can get very close to African literature. All authors are present for the whole three days, they are not flown in for a short time but spend the days at the festival. And if you want, you can get very close to them. You can sit down with them and talk.

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    The House of Rust and Swahili Culture – Interview with Mombasa writer Khadija Abdalla Bajaber -engl

    Khadija Bajaber had written a successful book last year, The House of Rust, which was recognized very well in african countries and abroad (see also the review of Lorna Likiza on this site). Raised and living in Mombasa, Kenya, she is strongly influenced with Swahili Culture and its long and rich history. This year, Khadija Bajaber is an invited guest at the African Book Festival in Berlin. I took the chance to talk to her before she left for Europe. And, yes, the answers are longer than in usual interviews. But its published here in full lenght version. For the first issue, only in english this time.

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    African Book Festival Berlin 2023: Boost for African Literature in Germany. Interview mit/with Co-Organizer Venice Trommer

    This year, the African Book Festival in Berlin will take place for the fifth time. In recent years, it has developed into one of the most important festivals for African literature in Germany and Europe. It is a public festival in the classical sense. And it has successfully survived the restrictions of the pandemic years. The appetite for African literature is greater than ever. One feature of the ABF is that the program is designed by African curators. The organizer, InterKontinental e.V., selects a literary personality each year. This curatorial principle, which has characterized the last editions, was cancelled this year with a bang. Shortly after the announcement of this year's curator, Mohamedou Ould Slahi, a storm of indignation briefly broke out in the German media. The past of the well-known author , who was innocently imprisoned in Guanánamo for years, was again publicly…

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    An Uncomfortable Truth: Howard W. French: Born in Blackness – Afrika und die Entstehung der modernen Welt_deutsch_englisch

    Africa and the Making of the Modern World, now published in German by Klett-Cotta, is to be seen as an important contribution in the reinterpretation of historical facts and contexts. The striking thing is not only the many facts that French presents. It becomes clear relatively early in the reading that it is above all the concealment or negation of facts and contexts that have made possible a revelation of one of the darkest chapters of Western history. A central thesis of the book is that Africa with its resources of gold and forced laborers, over twelve million slaves and the market for textiles, made an unheard-of rise of the European seafaring nations such as Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, France and England, later also the slave-holding nation USA, possible. Afrika und die Entstehung der modernen Welt, auf deutsch jetzt bei Klett-Cotta erschienen, ist als…

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    Is there Anybody Out There? Nairobi Space Station – Kairos Futura Artist Project Starts this March_deutsch/englisch

    They look like the futuristic Space Guerilla. From 18 March, they will make Kanairo unsafe. That is the Sheng name for Kenya's capital Nairobi. The venerable MacMillian Library in the centre will kick off the launch. It becomes a space station. They have camels with them with Massai blankets. The olive overalls are well tailored, the steel masks make them look martial. With this project, the Kairos Futura artists' group puts a big exclamation mark on Nairobi's Design Week. But it is not only about spectacle. The artists' collective, consisting of artists, designers, scientists and environmentalists, wants more: visions and proposals for an environmentally friendly Nairobi. It is about reclaiming urban space, about the "rewilding" of inner-city areas. They are also supported by famous Wajuuku Arts collective, Nairobi based and worldwide recognized.

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    A REVIEW OF SOOLE, A NETFLIX MOVIE cultureafrica reviews netflix series and movies dealing with african or african-american content. Documentaries, Feature Films and Music Events. We have a look on it. Lorna Likiza watched the Nigerian production „Soole“. You can find the film still on Netflix. FÜR DIE DEUTSCHE VERSION NACH UNTEN SCROLLEN By Lorna Likiza When was the last time you watched a movie and laughed your head off? Such was the case for me when I finally watched Soole, a 2021 Nigerian film production by Adunni Ade and directed by Kayode Kasum. You see, I had long given up on Nollywood with its repetitive and overdramatic style of films until Netflix came along and Nigerian movies became more explorative. In my opinion, Soole is a Thriller/Drama with just the right dose of comedy and a touch of magical realism. The story begins…