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    Theater/Performance,  South Africa

    The Brothers, Number One and A Weekend Special : An Odyssey into Modern South African Politics_english/deutsch

    As a production, it is ambitious in scope in how it attempts to uncover what was not known but also condense what was public sphere into a dramatic narrative. The title The Brothers, Number One and A Weekend Special references well-known political and business figures who played key roles in the goings-on and merry-g-round shenanigans which characterised South Africa’s halls of power at that time.

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    Dance and Theatre,  South Africa

    Colombia is reconnecting with Africa through Dancing – Sankofa Danzafro in South Africa

    For Sankofa Danzafro and their members, the mission of connecting to and with Africa and vice-versa through spreading a message of self-awareness, self-knowledge, the important of knowing and acknowledging one’s roots and positivity to the world through dance is one which they will continue to champion because it is also about education and educating African peoples on the continent.

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    Review,  South Africa,  Theater/Performance

    Johannesburg Musical Smash Hit “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf”” engl/ger

    The South African adaptation of the world acclaimed musical production, “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf” was both powerful and refreshing. Featuring a stellar cast of theatre veterans and relative newbies in what most thought was a risky move, that risk if we are to call it that seems to have paid off as there was a perfect balance of calm experience and brashness which comes with not being constrained by tired theatre conventions.

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    Gesellschaft/Society,  Human Rights,  Rwanda

    Trauma and Resilience – 30 Years after the Genocide in Ruanda – deutsch/english

    „Die Wunde muss tief gepresst werden, damit sie heilen kann“ Trauma and Resilience – 30 Years after the Genocide in Ruanda von Hans Hofele FOR ENGLISH VERSION PLEASE SCROLL DOWN Papaoutai? -Papa wo bist du? Der Pop-Hit des belgischen Musikers Stromae mit ruandischen Wurzeln, machte 2013 auf den schmerzlichen Verlust des beim Genozid getöteten Vaters aufmerksam. Wie er leiden bis heute tausende Angehörige von Opfern an den Folgen eines des ungeheuerlichsten Verbrechens des 20.Jahrhunderts.Väter, aber auch Frauen, Kinder, ganze Familien wurden in dem 100 Tage dauernden Gemetzel, den Hutu-Milizen an der Tutsi-Minderheit verübt haben, zum Opfer. Auch 30 Jahre danach müssen die Überlebenden und deren Kinder, aber auch die Täter und ihre Angehörigen mit dem Trauma leben: Nachbarn und Freunde wurden zu Mördern, Familienväter oder Söhne verwandelten sich in gnadenlose Massenmörder. Auch heute leben wieder beide Bevölkerungsgruppen neben-und miteinander. Trauma-Verarbeitung und juristische Aufarbeitung sind…

    Kenya,  Literature/Poetry

    The Transcendental Poetry Of Naomi Waweru // by Frank Njugi //english_deutsch

    “At sixteen, I am allowed to love a boy whose cheekbone is an analogy for how heavens hold rain intact just for Sunday mornings.” This is how my most memorable line from a Kenyan poem goes. A mesmerising line from a poem titled Analogy, published in the Liberian literary magazine Pepper Coast Lit, written by Naomi Waweru, who is perhaps one of the most exciting poets to emerge from Kenya in recent times.

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    Interview,  Kenya,  Music

    Chronicling the Kenyan Music Industry – An Interview with John Muchiri by Lorna Likiza // english_deutsch

    Kenya has massive talent. The only problem is that many musicians haven’t yet mastered how to market themselves internationally. From the people I have interacted with in the UK in the music scene, Kenya is considered a very prime market for entertainment but we need to get out of our comfort zone. We need to think beyond our comfort zone which is the East African Market. We need to be more strategic. We also need to invest heavily in our music. So to be precise, the three things we need to master are Management, Marketing and Strategy which our Nigerian counterparts have long mastered.

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    Film Festival,  Africa,  Germany

    Successful this time! International German Film Festival Berlinale 2024 and Africa deutsch-english

    Which Way Africa? is the title of a film by Congolese director David-Pierre Fila, which is screening at the Berlinale. The 74th edition of the Berlin Film Festival started this year under the chairmanship of Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong'o. This remarkable decision to choose Nyong'o as jury president gives us a glimpse of the presence of African actors and especially African productions. The Berlinale, as the festival is called, is, it should be noted, a European festival. In the past, African productions have played a rather minor role. In the wake of outstanding productions from the continent, the growing attention for actors, producers, musicians and directors from Africa, also involved in international co-productions, Africa can simply no longer be ignored. So what does the world's largest audience festival actually look like? All films are shown in their original language.

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    South Africa,  Event,  Theater/Performance

    Stage Set for Inaugural Independent Theatre Makers Awards//Bühnenstars glänzen bei den Independent Theatre Awards//by Tonderai Chiyindiko

    “We saw a need for recognition of works that are independently produced and also to broaden the spectrum as we only have about two recognised theatre awards in the country, so it is to broaden the view for all works that may not make it to our national theatres and to (mostly) celebrate independent theatre makers” Mongezi Mabunda

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    Arts Project,  Music,  South Africa

    Bayreuther Klangprojekt: Bayreuth Gathering Brings Sonic Artists Under One Roof – by Tonderai Chiyindiko engl/ger

    Hosted by the University of Bayreuth, Germany the Critical: Hope. Exercises in Borderlands is a gathering which will feature multiple offerings conceptualised, curated and hosted by Eylem Camuroglu, Serawit Debele as well as Katharina Fink, who is the founder and director of the Johannesburg based Sophiatown Arts Akademy.

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    Kenya,  Literatur/Book Review

    African Author Spotlight – Interview with Peter Ngila Njeri – Engl/Ger

    AFRICAN AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – AN INTERVIEW WITH PETER NGILA NJERI By Lorna Likiza Peter Ngila Njeri is a Kenyan Writer who won the James Currey Prize for African Literature in September 2023 for his novel manuscript, The Legend Of Beach House. This is an annual award given to the best unpublished work of fiction written in English by an African writer and named after James Currey, a renowned publisher of African literature. He is an Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni and Ebedi Fellow. In this interview with Culture Africa Associate Editor, Lorna Likiza, Peter delves deeper into the writing process of his winning manuscript and shares why he feels literary prizes are essential for writers. Lorna Likiza: Hi Peter, welcome to Culture Africa! Could you kindly introduce yourself? PN: Thank you so much, Culture Africa! I was born and grew up as Peter Ngila in…