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    10 African Songs of the last Decade you should know_engl/ger

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    African secular music has always been evolving with new sounds and genres being birthed on a regular. However, it’s in the past decade (2010-2020) when African music has really come into one with lots of inter-country collaborations. Music is indeed powerful if it can get people dancing even though they do not even understand what is being sung. African music has successfully proven this over time. Nowadays, somebody in Ghana could as well be enjoying music from Uganda and vice versa. With music videos being released on YouTube and music streaming services readily available, the rest of the world too gets to discover African music.

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    DJ Kampire from Uganda – Girls, don’t be afraid!_ger/engl


    She DJs halfway around the world and is a role model in her native Uganda. Dj Kampire, aka Kampire Bahana from the capital Kampala. She has been DJing, mixing and remixing her own tunes for over six years. She is not only successful in Uganda. But there she has mastered the difficult leap from hobby to professional DJ. It all started at the Nyege Nyege Music Festival in Kampala, which is well-known in Africa. There she was a co-founder and is now part of the collective. The Nyege Nyege Festival has made a name for itself worldwide, and even in the West it is considered an insider tip to hang out there. But visitors from there are still the…

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    A Male as a Female – The Evolution of African Comedy Part 2 – engl/ger

    Terence and Milly

    In an Africa where cross-dressing has mostly been frowned upon, it’s interesting and also curious to note this sudden evolution. Perhaps in a celebration of African mothers, most of the comedians have chosen to include the character of a mother in their skits. However, when we have too many comedians doing the same thing online, then it becomes old and tired hence the inclusion of a diversity of female characters.

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    A Male As A Female: The Evolution Of African Comedy – Part 1 engl/ger


    A Male As A Female: The Evolution Of African Comedy. At a time when Kenyans were dealing with a Presidency that had lasted close to two decades, it was with a mix of uncertainty and genuine interest when the Redykyulass trio came into the scene sometime in the late 90s. Made up of Walter Mong’are AKA Nyambane, Tony Njuguna and John Kiarie, the trio performed skits while impersonating the President and other key figures in government for entertainment.

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    Jerusalema – a Pop Phenomenon from South Africa

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    Weltweit machen Menschen bei der #jerusalemadancechallenge mit. Von Südafrika bis Tirol, von Honduras bis Sydney wiegen sich seitdem tausende Menschen mal mehr oder weniger elegant zum Gospel/House Song mit seinem umwerfend reduzierten Groove. Auch verschiedene Remixe von überall in der Welt machen sich am Song zu schaffen. Der des nigerianischen Sängers unjd Superstars Burna Boy schaffte es auch in die Charts. Der Originalsong war in einigen Ländern Europas Platz 1 der Charts, so in Belgien, Österreich und Schweiz.

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    Highlife Now: Santrofi aus Ghana


    Santrofi bezeichnet auch ein legendäres Wesen aus den Mythen der westafrikanischen Akan: ein seltener, farbenprächtiger Singvogel mit vier Flügeln, den man nicht jagen durfte. Solche Bilder liebt die Band. Auch ihr jüngster Hit "Alewa (Black and White)" spielt damit: Alewa ist in Ghana auch ein Karamellbonbon, in dem weiße Milch und Schokolade in einander fließen.